Social Network Integration

Integrate more than 35 social networks into your website or mobile application. All in one go! Reduce development time and eliminate maintenance costs.

Opt for a cloud-based social network integration to reduce in-house development time and eliminate maintenance costs. We constantly monitor the APIs and technologies of the different social networks and update our services as soon as changes arise. By using OneAll you can be sure that your social media integration will always run smoothly and with the most up-to-date calls.

Social Login

Let your users login and register with one click using their social network accounts. Improve your sign-up rate and gather rich demographic data about your users without using any forms.

Push/Pull API

Get a standardized interface to publish content on behalf of your users on the one hand and retrieve additional information directly from their social network profiles on the other hand.

User Explorer

Easily browse and view the user profiles retrieved from any of the social networks. A centralized dashboard allows you to manage your users and export their demographic data.

Obtain a standardized field structure for data received from any of the social networks. No need to wrap or revise the data. We will take care of the data management and normalization.

Social Link

Allow your users to link one or more social networks accounts to their existing account. Gather additional info and add social features without constraining your users to start from scratch.

Social Analytics

Gain insights into the demographics and interests of your users. Collect data that identifies your users and boost your impact by tailoring your marketing strategy and campaigns to your audience.

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