Social Link

Allow your users to link one or more social networks accounts to their existing account. Gather additional user data and add social features without constraining your users to start from scratch.

Social Link allows your users to link one or more social network accounts to their existing account on your website. Seamlessly interoperates with our Social Login service. All linked social network accounts may then also be used to login to your website.

Enhance your users' experience

  • Add social features for your existing users,
  • Simplify the login process of your existing users
  • Eliminate the issues of forgotten usernames or passwords,
  • Gather additional demographic data.
Social Link Features
Social Link is included in our Social Login plugins. Simply add Social Login to your blog, website or forum to get started within minutes. No programming skills required. More
Add Social Link to any website or mobile app. Our implementation guides, bundles and Open Source SDKs make the integration quick and straightforward. More
Save time and development resources with our JSON/REST API that consolidates the most powerful social network features in a single solution with a standardized interface. More