Social Login

Let your users login and register with one click using their existing social network accounts. Normalized data. Quick integration. No maintenance. Used by 300.000+ websites & apps worldwide.

Social Login allows your users to login and register with one click on your website or mobile application using their existing accounts from 40+ Social Networks. Improve your sign-up rate, obtain pre-validated email addresses and gather rich demographic data about your users without using any forms.

Today, the average person has up to seven social accounts on different social-networking sites. With Social Login consumers can login to your website or mobile application using their existing identities from more than 40 Social Networks – including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Apple amongst others.

Social Login opens up a realm of rich profile data, reduces password support demands, and expands login options for your customers. Each time a visitor logs in on your site, you automatically retrieve updated profile data through our APIs.

Do not take the risk of losing any users or customers due to outdated social network integrations. Unlike other Social Login providers we monitor the APIs and technologies of the different social networks and update our services as soon as changes arise.

By using OneAll you can be sure that your social login integration will always run smoothly and with the most up-to-date calls. Trusted by more than 300.000 websites & apps worldwide. Small blog? Fortune 500 company? We've got you covered.

Embedded Widgets

Modal Widget

Trigger the dialog

Add Social Login to your website by embedding a few lines of JavaScript or use our Direct Connect service for a javascriptless implementation on mobile devices. Social Login is fully customizable and supports hooks and events that can be triggered whenever a user logs in. A full implementation guide and a JSON/REST API complete the offered service.

                            <div id="social-login-container"></div>
                            <script type="text/javascript">
                                var _oneall = _oneall || [];
                                    ['social_login', 'set_providers', ['facebook', 'twitter', 'pinterest', 'dribbble', 'google', 'steam', 'vimeo', 'twitch']],
                                    ['social_login', 'set_callback_uri', window.location.href],
                                    ['social_login', 'set_custom_css_uri', ''],
                                    ['social_login', 'do_render_ui', 'social-login-container']

Enhance your users' experience

  • No longer lose users due to long signup forms,
  • Eliminate the issues of forgotten usernames or passwords,
  • Get validated email addresses and get rid of your email confirmation process,
  • Reduce password fatigue from different username/password combinations.
Social Login - Mobile Devices

Make your web-based business better

  • Gather rich demographic information about your audience,
  • Obtain pre-validated email addresses and boost your email marketing,
  • Increase your brand visibility by publishing content on behalf of your users,
  • Get user insights by retrieving content from the social network profiles,
  • Improve your data quality by eliminating spam and bot registrations,
  • Setup authentication filters to secure the access to your website or app.
Social Login - User Insights
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