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OneAll has consolidated the most powerful social network features in a single solution with a standardized interface.

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Easily integrate more than 30 different social networks, all in one go. Our API reunites the most powerful social media features in a single solution and our turnkey plugins and developer documentation simplify and speed up the social network integration. Save time and development resources with our consolidated API and focus on your core business.

With Social Login your users can use their social network accounts to login and register with one click on your website or mobile app.

Improve your sign-up rate, obtain pre-validated email addresses and gather rich demographic data (age, gender ...) about your users without using any forms.

Social Login

Social Login integrates with your existing login/registration system so you and your users don't have to start from scratch. Get rid of long and complicated forms, improve your data quality and instantly eliminate spam and bot registrations. Over thirty different social networks supported!

Enhance your users' experience

  • Get rid of long and complicated forms,
  • Eliminate the issues of forgotten usernames and passwords,
  • Eliminate the long and tedious email confirmation process,
  • Reduce password fatigue from different username and password combinations.

Make your web-based business better

  • Gather demographic information (age, gender ...) about your audience without using any forms,
  • Obtain pre-validated email addresses and stay in touch with your users,
  • Improve your data quality by eliminating spam and bot registrations.

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