User Engagement Solutions

Drive continuous user engagement with our commenting and sharing services. Track user events and interactions with a centralized dashboard.

Maintain high quality conversations on your content using our LoudVoice comments platform and drive continuous user engagement with our sharing services. Our automatic spam filters and backups eliminate maintenance costs or data recovery issues. A centralized dashboard allows you to track user interactions.

LoudVoice Comments

Realtime comment system designed to supercharge your native comments. Includes logging in with 40+ social networks, spam filters, automatic backups, a full fledged API and a centralized dashboard to manage your comments.

URL Shortener

Full fledged REST API to shorten urls on the fly and easily track trends in site registrations, returning visitors, social posts and resulting referral traffic. With our high speed redirection your visitors will experience almost instant redirects.

Share Icons

Let your users share comments, purchases and other activities directly from your app or website to their friends on multiple social networks. Includes a centralized dashboard and geolocalisation of the shares.

Share Dialog

Let your users share individual stories to their social networks accounts. Obtain deep insights into the demographics and interests of your audience or access granular information about each user.

Star Reviews

Let website users rate and review just about any kind of website content. Includes logging in with 40+ social networks, protection against fake reviews and a centralized dashboard.

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