Single Sign-On

Automatically sign users in as they browse between multiple and independent websites in your network. Easily integrated on any website. No hardware or software installation required.

Automatically sign users in as they browse between multiple and independent websites in your eco-system or among partner sites. With our SSO service you can share user data between multiple websites on different domains and take away the need for your users to register for a new account or re-enter their authentication credentials on each of your websites.

Our Single Sign-On service provides a central server which all your websites and/or applications trust. When a users logs in for the first time, a cookie is created on the central server. Whenever the users tries to access a second website or application, this website sends a request to the central server to check if the user is already known.

If the user is already known, the website receives a token that can be used to login or register the user without using any login prompts or registration forms. Our SSO service offers a flexible data structure allowing you to exchange any kind of custom data between your websites or applications.

Single Sign-On, SSO Database

Single Sign-On makes the transition from domain to domain as seamless and secure as possible.

Single Sign-On reduces abandonment rates by making the transition from one domain to another as seamless as possible and works with both Social Login and traditional registration credentials. In addition, whitelists and real-time domain verification guarantee secure management of accounts and protected access to sensitive data.

A full fledged REST API allows you to precisely define the customer data that is shared among other websites in your eco-system or with partner sites.

Single Sign-On Implementation

  • Deployed in just a couple of hours on multiple websites,
  • No additional hardware or software installation required,
  • 100% compliant with all US/EU+GDPR data protection laws,
  • Straightforward step-by-step implementation guide.
Easily integrate Single Sign-On into your blog, website or forum with our turnkey plugins. Get started within minutes. No programming skills required. More
Use Single Sign-On to connect all websites in your eco-system. Our implementation guides, bundles and Open Source SDKs make the integration quick and straightforward. More
Our Single Sign-On service is powered by a JavaScript API on the one hand and a complete REST API on the other hand Easily start, update, delete and list SSO sessions. More