Share Dialog

Let your users share individual stories to their social networks accounts. Leverage the power of word-of-mouth traffic and obtain insights into the interests of your audience.

The Share Dialog gives your users the ability to publish an individual story to their social network account. The service leverages our Social Login service to authenticate the user and then either displays a fully customizable share dialog or redirects the user to the social network to share the content.

Share Dialog Demo

The service can be embedded using just a few lines of JavaScript and the icons as well as the custom dialogs are fully customizable.

Native Share Dialog

Custom Share Dialog

Custom Share Dialog

The fact that word-of-mouth is so important online is one of the reasons why businesses must be active in social media marketing. Our Share Dialog allows you to leverage the power of word-of-mouth traffic by letting your users share content directly to their social media accounts.

Before being able to share users are prompted to authenticate with their social network account and we retrieve a vast amount of information from their social network profile and on top of this we add additional data like for example yours users' geolocation data, ip addresses, browsers and operating systems.

Obtain deep insights into the demographics and interests of your audience using our Social Analytics or access granular information about each user with the User Explorer that is available in your account.

Social Share Dialog