Share Icons

Let your users share comments, purchases, reviews and other activities directly from your app or website to their friends on multiple social networks.

Our Share Icons allow sharing with up to 30 different social networks. The icons are fully customizable and seamlessly integrate into your website. Give your users a tool to share pages, purchases or other activities directly from your website to their friends on multiple social networks and drive high-quality and high-volume word-of-mouth traffic to your website.

Share Icons Demo

You can pick an icon set amongst our themes or fully customize the icons. Here a few examples.

Word-of-mouth is not new. People have always talked about their experiences, emotions, needs and also products, services and brands. With the arrival of interactive tools and social media the impact of word-of-mouth has evolved and new forms of online communities were shaped.

These changes affected the ways businesses can leverage the power of word-of-mouth for marketing purposes and, vice versa, the impact of word-of-mouth on businesses.

The fact that word-of-mouth is so important online is one of the reasons why businesses must be active in social media marketing. Our Share Icons allow you to leverage the power to word-of-mouth traffic by letting your users share via their accounts on more than 30 social networks.

Our Social Analytics furthermore provide insights on the shares like per example a list of the shared pages, the preferred social networks or a geolocation map of the users that have engaged.

Social Share Icons
Easily integrate the Sharing Icons into your blog, website or forum with our turnkey plugins. Get started within minutes. No programming skills required. More
Our REST API allows you to obtain insights on the shared content. This includes the number shares, the date and time of each share or the ip and geolocation of the users. More