Realtime comment system designed to supercharge your native comments. Includes Social Login, spam filters, automatic backups and a complete REST API.

LoudVoice is a powerful comments platform that includes logging in with 35+ social networks, spam filters, votes, multiple languages, automatic backups and Markdown styling and syntax. A centralized dashboard allows you to track and monitor every interaction on your site from one location. Filter by comment, network or user, and moderate with ease. LoudVoice makes it easy to maintain high quality conversations on your content.

Integrate a full threaded discussion by embedding just a few lines of JavaScript. LoudVoice is fully customizable, seamlessly integrates with any website and supports hooks and events that can be triggered whenever a user leaves a comment. A full fledged REST API allows you to easily create, update or delete discussions, comments and authors.

                            <div id="loudvoice-container"></div>
                            <script type="text/javascript">
                                var _oneall = _oneall || [];
                                    ['loudvoice', 'set_providers', ['facebook', 'twitter', 'google', 'linkedin', 'reddit', 'mailru', 'instagram']],
                                    ['loudvoice', 'set_page', document.title, window.location.href],
                                    ['loudvoice', 'set_reference', 'loudvoice-comments-demo'],   
                                    ['loudvoice', 'set_comment_depth', [5, 3]],              
                                    ['loudvoice', 'do_render_ui', 'loudvoice-container']

Supercharge your comments

  • Automatic spam filters and backups,
  • Centralized dashboard to track and monitor interactions,
  • Fully customizable user interface for a seamless integration,
  • On-board Social Login service that supports 35+ Social Networks,
  • Full fledged REST API to create, update or delete discussions and comments.
LoudVoice Comments
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The LoudVoice comments platform is powered by a full fledged REST API that you can use to create, update and delete authors, discussions and comments. More